Karavelioğlu Group was established by Osman Azmi Karavelioğlu and Cemal Azmi Karavelioğlu brothers at 1916. Karavelioğlu Group started professıonal life as  Shell and Mobil dealer.  By 1980 the group was the oldest dealer in Turkey and became also the biggest bunker dealer at Marmara region. The Group has been led by Mr. İlhan Karavelioğlu, who was also president also President of Turkish Ship Owners Confederation since 1992 and other social organizations, and Mr. İhsan Karavelioğlu as vice president. The Group expanded it’s activities by establishing tanker ownership and ship management from 1960s to 2008 and worked with Shell, Mobil, Ditaş (main government tanker Co.), BP, Perenco and other first class operators and worldwide traders. Group also has some activities in tourism and construction.

Inebolu Shipyard, Inebolu, Kastamonu, Turkey


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