All our services, productions and repair stages are caried out by skilled and certified workers and controlled by expert Engineers.

All work stages are carried out under supervision of authorized Classification Society Surveyors.

Ship Repair & Conversion Reports are prepared and submitted to Owner according to corresponding Class Rules.

Our services and activities provided during docking and repair period are as follows:

Steel Renewal ( production rate up to 10-12 ton / day )

  • Renewal of Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel, Stainless Steel and other metal Plates

Pipe Renewal Works

  • Renewal of Black Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes, other non metal pipes via certified pipe workers.

Electrical Repairing & Renewal Works 

  • Cable Laying & Re-wiring 
  • All Kind of Electrical Motor Maintenance and Rewinding

Blasting & Painting 

  • High Pressure Water Jetting up to 2500 bar 
  • Grid Blasting up to SA 2,5 
  • Tank Coating

Rudder, Propeller & Tail Shaft Works 

  • Tail Shaft Withdrawal, Surface Crack Examination 
  • Propeller Blade Repairs 
  • Propeller Polishing 

Mechanical Works 

  • All Kind of Engine Overhauling 
  • Boiler Repairing via Certified Technicians 
  • Turbocharger Repairing & Reconditioning via Certified Technicians 
  • Governor, piston reconditioning and white metal application. 

Other Docking Services 

  • Cleaning of Sea Chest 
  • Renewal of Anodes 
  • Anchor & Chains treatment 
  • Slop/sludge removal, tank cleaning 

All Kind of Conversion Works 

  • Availability of certified material at stocks

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